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Hello + Welcome!  1. I love things in 3’s – I am one of three children and yes, I purposely wanted it to be “MMM” with threee M’s.  2.  The butterfly and purple in our logo are inspired by my late paternal grandmother whom I fondly referred to as “Wowa”.  3. I believe I was called to do this – help others in this specific way.  So if you are reading this, I am thankful you are here because this is my calling and my passion and I can’t wait to learn more about YOU!

WHO we areT2Art - Megan Headshot12

Magical Moments by Megan is a full service Wedding + Event Planning company based in Orange County, CA.  With over 15 years of experience ranging from catering to equipment sales and venue management – Megan is fully equipped to make any event a breeze to plan.  Whether its a small gathering or a large production, Magical Moments by Megan is guaranteed to make the planning and preparation process STRESS FREE!

Danielle and Brandon: MarriedWHY we do what we do

During one of life’s hardest moments planning Wowa’s funeral – Megan felt that THIS was her calling: to help others experience and enjoy life’s most magical moments!  We love people and magical moments are memories that we create with our loved ones.  These moments and memories are what we keep with us through life – in happiness + sadness, in sickness + health.  MMM dreams to help others create and ENJOY life’s moments in hopes that the memories created will last a lifetime!

MMM at Lily n Leo'sHOW we go about doing what we do

As an event planning company, we believe it is our job to anticipate your needs and do all that we can to make the process as easy as possible.  With our customizable event packages, our clients have the choice to be as involved as they want (or don’t want) to be.  Events are stressful for many reasons but Magical Moments by Megan wants to carry the weight of that stress for you – freeing you up to do one simple thing: create and enjoy memories to keep forever!

Team Magical Moments

Magic does not happen on it’s own and we are so thankful for our awesome team members and amazing network that contribute to making every moment smooth and successful!  You can reach #TeamMagicalMoments anytime at TeamMagicalMoments@gmail.com or follow us on Instagram @TeamMagicalMoments.


The Tinio FamilyTristen Tinio | Lead Assistant

Assisting before the company was even founded – who knows MMM’s events better than Megan’s youngest brother Tristen.  A creative at heart, Tristen’s skills in communication and photography make him a great asset to the team.  He has an eye for detail and is always anticipating needs so he is there to help before you can even ask for it!

Drea Gianelli | Admin + Social Media ManagerPSP488

Who would know Team MMM better than someone who has been able to experience the magic for themselves!  A former bride and client of MMM, Drea found herself as a new mom and looking for more flexible work.   Drea assists with daily admin tasks, vendor relations and marketing – specifically via social media.  As Team MMM continues to grow, this turned out to be the perfect timing for a predestined partnership.

AmberAmber Smith | Admin + Wedding & Event Assistant

Megan and Amber met during a wedding in Los Angeles – Megan was planning, Amber was bartending – they chatted briefly and exchanged information.  What came in the months following was the start of a strong foundation of friendship and ultimately became an opportunity to add a valuable player to the team.  With no experience on the other side, Amber always shows up ready to work and has proven that she has what it takes to be an asset to every event.  Her drive and desire to see Team MMM succeed has led to many memorable moments with many more to come.

Ashely Rumbaoa | Associate Planner + Wedding & Event AssistantAshely

Ashely and Megan met while freelancing for another LA based wedding company in 2018.  Megan quickly noticed Ashely’s ability to take charge and handle business under pressure.  They lost touch and reconnected after the pandemic.  Since then, Ashely has contributed to many magical moments and will soon be stepping into a bigger role as an Associate Planner – representing Team Magical Moments on busy days and double bookings.

Jessica Castillo | Associate PlannerJessica Castillo

Megan and Jessica became friends on Instagram as MMM was being established in the LA/OC area.  They became quick friends and by the time they met in person, it was obvious they had each found a friend for life.  Jessica’s kindness and amazing customer service skills are key when managing a wedding and she has been Megan’s right hand on many events.

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