The Ideal Order of Hiring Wedding Vendors: A Comprehensive Guide

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Learn the perfect sequence for hiring wedding vendors to ensure a stress-free planning process. Discover why choosing the right order matters. Read more!

Why Does the Order of Hiring Wedding Vendors Matter?

WOOHOO! You are engaged and riding on cloud 9. We really encourage you to enjoy that moment but we understand you need to know where to go and what to do next. We would like to provide some insight into which vendors you should choose first as well as reasons as to why you want to book them in this order. Of course, not everyone fits the mold and we still want things to happen organically but should you be looking for somewhere to start – look no further! We have three helpful tips to provide you so you can start wedding planning off on the right foot. Don’t forget, we are available anytime if you want to ask questions and want to explore your wedding planning needs – CONTACT TEAM MMM TODAY!

Step 1: Booking the Venue – The Foundation of Your Wedding

In most cases, it would be a given that you would find and secure your venue first. Not only does this set the date, but this “vendor” or location matters the most because it will dictate a lot of other vendor decisions you will have to make along the way. Once you book your venue, you will know if they have in-house catering, a preferred/exclusive list OR if you will be allowed to bring in an outside catering option. Food + Beverage is one of your largest expenses next to the venue so it is important to know how this factors into your venue decision. You will also know whether or not your venue provides basic rentals like tables, chairs, etc. Some venues have exclusive requirements for certain services – for example, we have a venue that requires you use their DJ vendor and another venue that requires you use their lighting vendor but they allow freedom with regard to all other aspects. Many venues in the OC/LA area are owned and/or operated by catering companies so choosing your venue location will go hand in hand with your “F+B” decisions.  If you need guidance with venue selection, catering needs or bar service – CONTACT TEAM MMM TODAY!

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Step 2: Deciding on a DJ and EmCee “MC” – The Voice and Soundtrack of the Night

After the venue/catering/rentals are set, I would say the next vendor to book is either your DJ/MC OR your Photographer (Videographer can be booked WITH photo as a package or booked later on if you decide you have room in the budget to book one). A note about DJ/MC – sometimes the vendor does BOTH but there are cases where a client wants to work with a certain DJ that doesn’t MC or vice versa, wants to work with an MC that does NOT DJ – we have great vendor referrals for ALL options! Your DJ/MC + Photographer are 2 of the most important vendor roles on your big day aside from a planner. The DJ/MC is playing the soundtrack of the day as well as the “voice” of the event – MC = Master of Ceremonies. The songs being played and the TIMING are so important to creating the perfect wedding moment – you want to make sure you have someone on your wedding team that know’s what they are doing (imagine your wedding march is supposed to start playing but instead they play Despacito as you walk down the aisle!! How embarrassing…). And of course, the PARTY – a good DJ/MC knows how to go from “official program” guiding first dance and toasts to “pump up the jams” and getting everyone on the dance floor!

Step 3: Selecting Your Photographer and Videographer – Capturing Memories

For photo – that is a given. This vendor is the one that is going to capture ALL those special details and moments of your wedding day. As I am sure you have heard, the wedding day goes by in a flash (pun intended) so you want to make sure there is a top notch professional behind the lens capturing all the things. Photos of the details like your dress and your table decor is important but a good photographer knows how to capture the MOMENTS too – the candids, the kisses and sweet hugs with loved ones, the real things that happen that day. The couple doesn’t get to see everything that takes place so it is important that your wedding investment is frozen in time with a beautiful wedding gallery from a super talented photographer! As for video, as we mentioned above – you can book this vendor with your photographer if they offer a combo deal. Sometimes, clients are not sure about video so they add it on later once they know what the rest of their wedding budget looks like.

There is no “right” or “wrong” order of booking your vendors. We have had couples set the date because it is important to them and then they base their venue search off the venues that are available for the date. We have also had clients have a venue in mind that are willing to take any date available to be able to be at that location. Whatever you choose, we hope that you have guidance and support along the way. If you are ready to start the journey and don’t want to go at it alone, we are here to guide you – CONTACT TEAM MMM TODAY!


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